Tabi in Singapore

Occasionally, I find myself getting really homesick. Even though I keep pretty busy here, it’s easy to miss the comforts of home and the people I love. That’s why I was over the moon when Tabi agreed to come and visit! I enjoyed showing her Singapore and having her company for a few days.

We kicked off her first night in Singapore with drinks at City Space on the 70th floor of the Swissotel. The lounge makes a killer Singapore Sling (which for the uninitiated, is comprised of gin, Cointreau, bitters, cherry liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice and lime juice) and has great views of Singapore, which practically sparkles at night.



Next, we headed down to my favorite restaurant to introduce Tabi to chili crab. One of Singapore’s four national dishes, chili crab is a mud crab (a varietal native to this region) that is stir-fried in a tomato and chili-based sauce. The dish is often served with steamed or fried buns that you use to mop up the leftover sauce. It can get kind of messy, so bibs are always a good idea.



After dinner, we walked around Clark Quay (pronounced “key”), a brightly-colored maze of restaurants, bars, and clubs situated on the Singapore river.




The next day, we spent some time exploring the shops in Arab street.





We had heard of this cafe called “Selfie Coffee” where they print your selfie (or wefie) on a cup of coffee. Curiosity got the best of us, so we stopped in to try it out.



After placing our order, the cashier handed us a small iPod touch that we used to snap a picture of ourselves. A few minutes later, the barista handed us a glorious salted caramel latte with our wefie printed on top of the layer of whipped cream.


We finally settled in for an early dinner at a Turkish restaurant right on Arab street near the Sultan Mosque. We had a mixed platter of chicken and lamb kebobs prepared in various ways, and the appetizer platter with various dips (including babaganoush, yummm) and spreads served with pita bread. It was way too much food for us, but I ended up having the leftovers for dinner for 3 nights.




After that, it was off to Thailand!

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